Franz Wirl

Franz Wirl

Research and Teching Assistant
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration


  • Lecturer: Information Structures
  • Lecturer: IT-Spez: Vertiefungskurs I - Neue Medien
  • Assistance: Seminar aus Wirtschaftsinformatik
  • Assistance: IT-Praktikum mit Bachelorarbeit

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Office hours: Thursday 9-12;  please make an appointment.


Franz Wirl is working at the Institute for New Media since November 2007.
Franz studied in business informatics (Wirtschaftsinformatik) at the University of Vienna and the Vienna University of Technology. After receiving his diploma degree in 2006, he joined the ERASMUS program in Iceland at the Reykjavik University.
During his studies and in his diploma thesis he focused on annotations of media objects and continued his research area within our group. He acquired a Google Summer of Code project in 2008. He supervised many bachelor theses and teaches classes in Management Information Structures (2007-now), IT-Case Studies (2007-now) and object-oriented Programming (2007, 2008). Currently Franz is working on his doctoral thesis.

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Currently working on?

Visit my blog at for further information about the things I am doing right now.

High Level Annotations Tools for eLearning Plattforms. Annotation Tools might help students and teachers to share their knowledge and rise questions on content. Take a look at for an XoWiki/OpenAcs implemantation.

How to assist users to present their content only to a self defined set of users? Using the OpenSocial API Users could easy limit access to their content, for a limited group of people. Furthermore OpenSocial provides the possibilities to define Properties that can match people.
Take a look to see how users can restrict access, only to a group of people that share the same class, are over 25, or many more things.


Bachelor thesis

If you are interested in topics related to metadata extraction or metadata management, please drop me a line or come to my office hours. Current topics for Bachelor thesis are:



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